Color Grading

Perfecting the look and quality of every shot, in every project, is at the core of what we do.

From ‘color correction’ to ‘color enhancement’ we never lose sight of the story and the visual flow of shots.

Our artists have over 60 years of collective experience perfecting footage for all types of projects.  From balance and flow to heavy texture and looks, we have the expertise and taste to realize your creative vision.

We utilize the latest color science, and color management systems to handle any flavor of raw or log.

In addition, everything we do in our suites is real-time, no waiting, no wondering what it might look like – make a change and see it.  HD, 4k , DCI, HDR, IMF, DCP?  No problem, we speak your language and can make any deliverable happen.

Sick and tired of jumping from suite to suite for different tasks?  We can make nearly everything happen in one room – from grading, titling, essential VFX, audio remarry and final deliverables.

Our finishing partners Ott House Audio can also handle any of your audio needs including Dolby Atmos.

More On Color Grading
  • 4k/8k HDR/SDR ready systems
  • UHD/4k HDR/SDR monitoring
  • Comfortable seating & food!

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