HDR Mastering

High Dynamic Range (HDR) video is here and accessible for any production right now!

For years, productions have shot with cameras capable of amazing dynamic range.  For as little as $1000.00 it’s possible to shoot with a camera capable of 12,13,14, even 15 stops of dynamic range or more!

While acquisition dynamic range is important, in postproduction we’ve been forcing that wide dynamic range (and color gamut) down a very small pipe of 6-8 stops known as SDR or Standard Dynamic Range Video (SDR).

HDR video is a game-changer for any type of production and any subject.

When clients hear HDR video, they often think ‘oh you mean brighter video right?’  Yes, peak luminance is a part of HDR, but it’s not the only component.  HDR video also allows for wider color gamuts (think a larger box of crayons), high resolution, and higher frame rates.

There is a ton of new terms and new workflows involved in HDR video and deciphering what’s what can be confusing – especially when it comes to how it can benefit your project. But don’t worry, we’re experts in the field.

We’re a Dolby Vision certified facility and one of the first outside of New York City on the east coast.  In addition to our color grading work for HDR projects, we’re also passionate about spreading the word about HDR – DC Color principals Robbie Carman & Joey D’Anna were trusted by Dolby in a recent series on Dolby Vision Mastering.

In addition to Dolby Vision packaging, we can help with HLG &  HDR10 projects, SDR > HDR conversion, and HDR workflow consulting.

Any questions about HDR workflow just get in touch.

More On HDR Finishing
  • We provide HDR finishing up to 3000 Nits with our FSI XM310k & XM311k HDR mastering monitors
  • Client monitoring with FSI XM OLED Displays (Up to 800 nits)
  • SDR > HDR conversion with AJA FS-HDR
  • Certified Dolby Vision Facility (full support of Dolby eCMU and iCMU trims)

HDR video can be complex, We can help! Get in touch.

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