Remote Grading

There is nothing like working with filmmakers and creative teams in person, at our facility – but we realize that’s not always possible.

If you can’t make to our studio, we can come to you – well virtually anyway!

We utilize the latest in online review and approval systems like, however, there is nothing that can replace real-time communication and making creative decisions while you try different ideas.

Our remote grading infrastructure allows us to stream in as close to real-time as possible high-quality and color-accurate 10-bit SDR/HDR  with up to 5.1 audio.

We can stream the output of our color correction system to your location with a minimal amount of delay. All you need on your end is a computer, tablet or mobile device  with a web browser or a more recent smart TV, and a good internet connection.

We can even stream back to your facility conference room, edit suite(s), or any where else you might have a calibrated display.

No display or device you can trust for color accuracy?

We maintain a small fleet of Apple iPad Pros which with their reference mode are extremly accurate devices.  We can send you one preconfigured so you can connect quickly to our streams or watch a video we posted for you – we even include packaging and return labels.

The cool part about a remote grading session is that you can see the output of our grading systems just like you would in the suite – when we make something a little brighter, a little darker, or more saturated you’ll be able to see that work as it’s happening and provide your feedback via video or audio chat.

Anything else I need to know?

We’ve found the most recent generation of Apple iPad Pro and Mac Book Pro screens to be incredibly accurate when using their reference modes but there are still some general guidlines you can follow  to have your screen no matter what it is –  closer to the reference monitoring we use in the studio.

  • Viewing conditions are important. View in a room with controlled lighting were weather, time of day changes or other lighting conditions won’t effect the overall brightness and color temperature of the room.
  • There is a good chance your screen is much brighter then reference monitor SDR standards of 100nits.  We find setting a display to about 50-60% a good approximiation.
  • Disable any true tone, auto brightness or similar controls.
  • If your display has a reference mode for BT 709 or BT 1886 use it
  • If your TV has a Cinema or Film Maker mode those are likely to be the most accurate

In any remote workflow we can help get your monitoring as accurate as possible.

We utilize the latest streaming platforms such as &  Streambox that allow for the highest quality with the least amount of delay in the industry.

Can't make it into the studio? No problem. We have solutions. Get in touch.

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