Remote Grading

There is nothing like working with filmmakers and project stakeholders in our state of the art studio, but we realize that’s not always possible.

While we utilize the latest in online review and approval systems, there is nothing that can replace good ole’ fashion communication.  Perhaps even more important is looking at a calibrated monitor at the same time.

Our remote grading infrastructure allows us to stream in as close to real-time as possible high-quality 10bit 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 HDR/SDR to wherever you are.

We can stream to your desktop, iOS device or even better, your calibrated display.  No calibrated display or device you can trust?  No worries, we can bundle in as part of a project a self-contained viewing solution so that you can make the best creative decisions possible.

The cool part about a remote grading session is that you can see the output of our grading systems just like you would in the suite – when we make something a little brighter, a little darker, or more saturated you’ll be able to see that work as it’s happening.

How Does It Work? – Option #1

If you can’t make into our studio, we can come to you.  We can stream the output of our color correction system to your location with a minimal amount of delay.  All that is required on your end is that you have a specific port open on your internet router – don’t have any idea what that means?  No worries – we can help or provide assistance as needed.

From there you can watch the stream on a free desktop player, or iOS application.  If you have a calibrated display or TV and a computer system with Blackmagic video hardware (Decklink, Ultra Studio, etc.) we can configure your system to output the stream directly to that external monitor.

If you’re unsure about the capabilities of your monitoring we can also arrange to calibrate your display – this particularly useful if we’ll be working a lot together.

How Does It Work? – Option #2

While getting a high-quality signal to you is half the battle of remote grading, seeing that signal as intended is also a concern.  While high-quality computer monitors and televisions (once setup properly) can be ‘good enough’  they’re no replacement for a properly calibrated professional display.

Another option we offer is to send our ‘remote grading kit’.  This setup is a Pelican case that contains a reference monitor, small computer and the cabling you need to get set up.  All it takes to get up and running is to plug power into the case, connect an ethernet cable to your internet router and turn on the computer.  We’ve configured the computer to ‘phone home’ so when we’re ready for your session we’ll be set up to stream content directly to you

What Else Is Needed?

An essential part of a color correction review session is communication. While in a remote grading session we ask that you be available via phone, Skype, FaceTime or similar technology.  If you have a video camera that’s even better and can facilitate more efficient communication.

More On Remote Grading Workflows
  • We utilize the latest Streambox Chroma devices that allow for the highest quality with the least amount of delay in the industry.
  • The Streambox player application can be installed on your Mac/PC for free.  The iOS app is also available for free.
  • For the most critical projects, Streambox Player Pro is an option as well as our self-contained viewing solution.
  • Streams can be encrypted.
  • We can also color calibrate your external displays if necessary.

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