The Offset Podcast

A show about post, workflow, technology, and people

The Offset Podcast is a semi-monthly (twice a month) podcast hosted by postproduction industry stalwarts Robbie Carman & Joey D’Anna - we’re professional colorists, educators, and polymaths in video postproduction and color. We’ve been told our detailed, informative, and easy-to-follow explanations of even the most technical subjects have helped people at all levels to improve their workflows, tackle their technical/creative problems, and even improve their approaches to business & client communication.

Geared towards postproduction industry professionals, each episode feels like catching up with valued peers and is the perfect length for the average commute, lunch break, or to keep you company while you work.

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Robbie Carman
Robbie Carman

Robbie is the managing colorist and CEO of DC Color. A guitar aficionado who’s never met a piece of gear he didn’t like.

Joey D'Anna
Joey D'Anna

Joey is lead colorist and CTO of DC Color. When he’s not in the color suite you’ll usually find him with a wrench in hand working on one of his classic cars or bikes

Latest Episodes
EP014: A Discussion With Dolby’s Nate McFarlin

One Of Our Favorite Things To Do: Talk HDR & Dolby Vision We’ve been Dolby Vision evangelists -speaking, presenting, and developing training on it almost since the very start including a 10-part series for the Dolby Institute a few years ago. So, every time an opportunity presents itself to chat with our friends at Dolby … Continue reading “EP014: A Discussion With Dolby’s Nate McFarlin”


EP013: Trade Shows

The Golden Age Of Trade Shows Might Be Gone – But The Shows Are Still Valuable Trade shows have always played a big role in the production and postproduction industries. Pre Internet, outside of going to visit a company or reseller directly, a trade show was the only way to get valuable information about products, … Continue reading “EP013: Trade Shows”


EP012: Color Grading Myth Busting

Addressing Some Common Myths In this day and age of lots of social media platforms, it’s easy for lots of ‘myths’ to get started or worse or outright lies to spread.  It’s not our job as your humble podcast hosts to stop color-grading misinformation from spreading but recently, after checking out some online groups we … Continue reading “EP012: Color Grading Myth Busting”


EP011: Backup & Archiving

Data Integrity Is Your #1 Job! We’ve all heard horrifying sob stories of data loss.  Generally, these stories start with ‘I thought I had it backed up’ or ‘I don’t understand I had it on an expensive RAID’ As a postproduction professional data integrity should be your number one job – after all clients have … Continue reading “EP011: Backup & Archiving”


EP010: Mental Health

Good Mental Health Is Vital For Post Professionals It’s our 10th Episode! It’s gone by so quickly! Thanks to everyone who has supported the show especially our sponsor Flanders Scientific! In this installment of The Offset Podcast we’re talking about something that’s important to all of us – mental health. The pressures, deadlines, and sometimes … Continue reading “EP010: Mental Health”


EP009: Room Design Strategies Part 2

Exploring Must Have Gear We like gear. That is a bona fide fact! In our last episode we discussed some big picture concepts about building a suite including machine rooms, cableing considerations, and room layout ideas. In this installment of The Offset Podcast we continue our discussion on suite design and Joey & Robbie get … Continue reading “EP009: Room Design Strategies Part 2”


EP008: Room Design Strategies Part 1

In this installment of The Offset Podcast, we’re diving into a subject that we…well, love to talk about – Color suite room design.  We have a lot to say on the subject, so much so that we had to break the discussion up into a couple parts. In this episode, we’re starting off with the … Continue reading “EP008: Room Design Strategies Part 1”


EP007: Conform, Bake, or Hybrid?

Moving From Editorial To Color One of the most often discussed topics in postproduction is how to best move from editorial applications like Premiere Pro, Avid, and Final Cut Pro to a color grading and finishing application like DaVinci Resolve or Baselight. While this move doesn’t always have to or need to take place – … Continue reading “EP007: Conform, Bake, or Hybrid?”


EP006: Getting To Know QD-OLED with Bram Desmet

The Future Of Reference Display Technologies Over the past couple of decades, we’ve seen and/or used nearly every display technology available. From CRT, Plasma, LED/LCD (including various FALD designs), RGB OLED, W-RGB OLED, LMCL, and probably a few others we’re forgetting. As colorists, we’re constantly searching for the ‘perfect’ display technology. While we realize there … Continue reading “EP006: Getting To Know QD-OLED with Bram Desmet”


EP005: Film Print Emulation (FPE)

For over a hundred years the entire production and post-production pipeline from acquisition through delivery was driven by film. These days, while some are still shooting and delivering on film, the vast majority of us are in entirely digital pipelines.  Yet, there is still a near-constant discussion about film print emulation, or FPE for short. … Continue reading “EP005: Film Print Emulation (FPE)”


EP004: AI & ML In Post

New Sponsor – Flanders Scientific! We’re thrilled to announce that The Offset Podcast now has a sponsor – Flanders Scientific! Flanders Scientific (FSI) is a leader in color-accurate monitoring solutions that are a perfect match for colorists, DITs, editors, and broadcast engineers. Their new XMP lineup features QD-OLED technology for truly no-compromise HDR monitoring. As … Continue reading “EP004: AI & ML In Post”


EP003: Multi-Site Workflow

An overview of how we manage a multi-site Resolve-focused workflow Over the past few years, like many of you, we’ve worked a lot at home.  At first, this was by necessity (pandemic) but then became more of a lifestyle choice. In the greater Washington D.C. area where we are based, it’s not uncommon for people … Continue reading “EP003: Multi-Site Workflow”


EP002: Assistants

Since this only our second episode, as a reminder before you jump into the episode, a few bits of housekeeping on listening, watching, and accessing some other features. 1.  An embedded audio player of an episode will always appear at the top of each episode page so you can listen directly in your browser. 2. … Continue reading “EP002: Assistants”


EP001: Client Communication

Before you jump into the episode, a few bits of housekeeping on listening, watching, and accessing some other features. 1.  An embedded audio player of an episode will always appear at the top of each episode page so you can listen directly in your browser. 2. Either by copying the URL of an episode or … Continue reading “EP001: Client Communication”


EP000: Introducing The Offset Podcast

For 25 years DC Color principals Robbie Carman & Joey D’Anna have been coloring, editing, writing books, recording tutorials, and traveling the world speaking about color, postproduction, technology, business, and creative approaches. Robbie & Joey are both known for their warm, open, and conversational approach to even the most technical topics. Using their broad experience … Continue reading “EP000: Introducing The Offset Podcast”


About this Podcast

If you work in video & film postproduction you’ve probably spent hours in front of your computer screen watching tutorial videos or reading how-to articles.

Training like this has its place, but it’s probably through conversations with colleagues and peers that you’ve learned & been engaged the most.  That’s where the Offset Podcast comes in – each episode is like a casual conversation with trusted colleagues.

This includes discussions around:

  • Color grading: Technical & creative subjects
  • Postproduction: Editing, VFX, audio, workflow
  • Running a creative business
  • Gear, technology, & trends
  • Mental & physical health for post professionals