EP 000: Introducing The Offset Podcast

Episode 000
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For 25 years DC Color principals Robbie Carman & Joey D’Anna have been coloring, editing, writing books, recording tutorials, and traveling the world speaking about color, postproduction, technology, business, and creative approaches.

Robbie & Joey are both known for their warm, open, and conversational approach to even the most technical topics. Using their broad experience to inform engaging conversations from online forums, social media platforms, and in-person hangouts with industry friends and peers people have always said ‘You guys should record this and make a podcast!’

So, that’s exactly what we decided to do:  Introducing The Offset Podcast

The Offset Podcast is a semi-monthly (twice a month) podcast available on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Sticher as well as The Offset Podcast YouTube Channel (video version).

Check out the trailer for the podcast as well as the first two episodes – all available now!


01:00:03:13 - 01:00:30:13
If you work in video and film post-production, you've probably spent hours in front of your computer screen watching tutorial videos or reading how to articles. Training like this has its place, of course, but if you think back on the moments in your life where you really learn something, you know where you were really engaged. It was probably in conversation with colleagues and peers, you know, bouncing questions off of one another, going on related tangents and debating approaches .

01:00:30:13 - 01:00:48:05
In post-production this kind of knowledge sharing used to happen with junior operators under the wing of more experienced artists. That kind of mentorship is hard to find these days. What's replaced that dialog? For many of us, it's hours of watching tutorials on YouTube or paying subscriptions to training websites.

01:00:48:07 - 01:01:18:16
The Offset podcast is a show that fills the conversation void that's lacking in so much training. The Offset podcast is hosted by me, Robbie Carman and that guy Joey D’Anna. And we're professional colorists, educators and polymaths in video, post-production and color. And we've been told our detailed and informative and easy to follow explanations of even the most technical subjects have helped people at all levels to improve their workflow, tackle their technical and creative problems, and even improve their approaches to business and client communication.

01:01:18:21 - 01:01:28:22
We're also known for our love of talking shop with colleagues and friends. We've been told countless times, you guys should really record this. So we decided to do just that.

01:01:29:01 - 01:01:45:20
The Offset podcast is a bi monthly meaning every other week video podcasts available on all major platforms, including YouTube. And in each episode we'll cover creative, technical, business, workflow, and other industry topics, as well as hosting the occasional featured guest.

01:01:45:21 - 01:01:56:12
Geared towards industry professionals., each episode feels like catching up with valued peers and is the perfect length for the average commute, lunch., or to keep you company while you work.

01:01:56:14 - 01:02:09:15
You can learn more about the podcast by visiting offsetpodcast.com. You can follow the show on your podcast app of choice and you can follow us on YouTube and social media platforms where you'll find the show using our handle theoffsetpod.

01:02:09:19 - 01:02:23:10
Episodes are available now, and if you have any questions or ideas for topics we should cover. Visit offsetpodcast.com and use our submission form to send us an idea. Thanks for your interest and we can't wait for you to check out future episodes.

Robbie Carman
Robbie Carman

Robbie is the managing colorist and CEO of DC Color. A guitar aficionado who’s never met a piece of gear he didn’t like.

Joey D'Anna
Joey D'Anna

Joey is lead colorist and CTO of DC Color. When he’s not in the color suite you’ll usually find him with a wrench in hand working on one of his classic cars or bikes

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